GOM Inspect Add-On Development Documentation

Welcome to the GOM Inspect Add-On development documentation. With Add-Ons, you will be able to customize and extend the functionality of your GOM Inspect software. You can include several template configurations from the software, as well as completely new workflows programmed in python.


This documentation is still under development. Expect bookmarks to sub-sites to change.


Creating add-ons is a rather advanced topic, so you should be familiar with the basic inspection concept of the GOM Software beforehand. New to GOM Inspect? This free course teaches you the basics:

(eLearning) 780 Starter Training GOM Inspect

Or, depending on your application, you might be interested in the specific starter trainings for GOM Volume Inspect, GOM Correlate, or GOM Blade Inspect.

If you are new to add-ons, we recommend following our how-to guides to get you started.

If you already know how to create an add-on and now you are interested in python programming in GOM Inspect, take a look at our collection of Python examples.

Available API functions are documented in the Specification.